I would like to share with you an incredible transformation that is under way with one of my dedicated clients, Von Tran.

I recently sat with Von for an in depth interview on his transformation. He offered some great insight on how he has shed >45lbs/ 20.45K in just 7 short months. I’ll bring you the specific steps he has taken in his journey towards optimal health.

JH: Tell me a bit about yourself?


VT: I'm from a little town called Mesquite, Nevada. I'm originally from Thailand but my family immigrated in search of a better life.


JH:  What brings you to San Francisco?

VT: I'm a student getting my master of fine arts here in fashion design at the Academy of Arts University.


JH: How long before you’re finished?

VT: One more year!


JH: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

VT: I want to be working for a big design company in SF, NY, or LA. I'd like to do London after that.

 JH: With what being the end goal/purpose?

VT: To have my own line!


JH: How did you find BM?

VT: I was looking for a gym at the start of the year and I didn't want to go to a typical gym. I looked online and found Body-Mechanix. I was scared at first. I thought I was going to suck. I thought it might be too intense for me. It was actually really fun and I could decide how hard I was going to push myself. I really enjoyed it and started going several times a week.


JH: When was your first group class?

VT: February this year.


JH: If you don’t mind sharing, how much did you weigh back in February?

VT: Oh it’s ok. I weighed 240lbs.


JH: And what is your current weight?

VT: 195lbs.


JH: Wow, that’s a massive transformation. Congrats.

VT: Thank you!


JH: What was your regimen like in the first few months?

VT: I started with classes only in February and I felt like I needed a little more help. So I started personal training in mid-February.


JH: How has your experience with personal training been?

VT: Its showed me the value of having that 1-on-1 attention from someone that you know is invested in your health. Group classes are great and you can push yourself really hard. But I feel like everyone goes harder when they know all the attention is on them and their trainer is there working just as hard to get you where you want to be.


JH: Besides the massive weight loss what else is going on with your body?

VT:  I’m really excited about all the muscle I’ve gained. I have never had this much muscle so when I see myself in the mirror or a window it makes me smile because of how far I’ve come.


JH: Where have you seen the biggest changes?

VT: I’ve gained size and definition in my shoulders and back and I’m really focusing on taking that further.  I’m also excited to see the growth in my legs and even my calves from all the squatting, lunging and sled pulling.


JH: What have you changed about your lifestyle outside of the gym this year?

VT: I started eating very clean right after I started personal training. I was motivated. Some weeks I would literally only eat chicken , vegetables, nuts, and fruits.


JH: Can you explain what you mean by eating “clean”?

VT: No junk food, processed food, sodas, alcohol, or sugars.


JH:  What about carbohydrates?

VT: I’m currently limiting them to pre and post workout but in the beginning I ate almost none. I'll go crazy on the weekends sometimes now, but I try to eat the right things 80-90% of the time.            

JH: Do you take any supplements? If so what are they and why do you take them?

VT: I take MAP Amino’s. It’s an essential amino acid blend that I feel helps my recovery. I feel like my muscles aren’t nearly as sore when I take them. I take 5 of their pills before a workout and 5 after. 

JH: Do you have any morning rituals?

VT: I walk right to the mirror each morning and I smile at myself. Even if I have to force it I do it anyway. I feel like it helps me start each day in a positive way. I also don’t eat breakfast ever. I practice intermittent fasting so I guess that’s a daily ritual of mine.

JH:  So you’re fasting every day? For how long?

VT: I fast for 16hrs and can eat for 8.

JH: What is your weekly training schedule right now?

VT: Monday I do personal training.. On Tuesday’s I'm going to your  Strength class at 1074 Folsom St. at 6PM. Back for more personal training at on Wednesday evening then your strength class Friday at 12PM

 and then I’m back over at Soma for Saturday mornings 10AM Body-Conditioning class.

JH: So you are working out 5-6X a week?

VT: Yeah.


JH: what have you most enjoyed about BM?

VT : At first I didn't know anyone and I was new to San Francisco. Some of the first people I talked to were the trainers at BM. They made me feel comfortable because they are all so nice and welcoming and it genuinely seems like they want the best for you.

Later I got to be part of the bigger client community at BM and I started meeting more people and made a bunch of friends. I started

becoming more social as I started to feel more confident about myself. The community helps you stay at it and gives you that extra push. That’s probably the best part about this environment.

 JH: What are your biggest goals moving forward?

VT: I’d like to get down to 12% body fat, get my first muscle up and I’d like to be stronger all around. My next short term goal is a 300lb back squat which I think will happen any day now.                                         JH: Well thank you for your time and for your incredible work ethic. I'm looking forward to updating everyone on your progress sometime in 2017. I'm sure we'll have a whole lot to report.